Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kid Cages

A reader pointed me to this disturbing article about how school districts are building cages to protect kids at bus stops from wolf attacks, rather than make those cute little furry doggies afraid of humans:
In Catron County, New Mexico, aggressive Mexican gray wolves are terrorizing residents. Here wolves are killing pets in front yards in broad daylight, and forcing parents to stand guard when children play outside. The threat has become so ominous the local school district has decided to place wolf shelters (kid cages) at school bus stops to protect school children from wolves while they wait for the bus or parents. These wolf proof cages, constructed from plywood and wire, are designed to prevent wolves from taking a child. The absurdity of this scenario is mind-numbing. What kind of society accepts the idea of children in cages while wolves are free to roam where they choose?
The reader opines: "I guess our Ruling Class believes the patience of the Country Class is infinite."  It probably is.  They certainly have not shown much interest in rebellion against the elites.


  1. Suspect that some of these wolves will begin disappearing, buried in unmarked holes in the ground.

  2. Reliable reports of cougars and wolves here, 2 hours west of Chicago in farm country. Not many yet, and still pretty leery of people. Be interesting to see how the libs react when their precious pets start to disappear. Kids.......!

  3. The real insanity is that people want the shelters removed because their very existence is perceived as a threat to the wolves.

  4. Michigan is either lucky or unlucky.

    There are enough wolves in the northern Peninsula that the state Game Wardens ran a limited wolf season this year.

    There's been one report, since 2000, of wolves seen south of the Straits of Mackinac.

    However, I've not heard of wolves making trouble for people, or settling in noticeable numbers in the southern half of the State.

  5. What kind of society accepts the idea of children in cages while wolves are free to roam where they choose?

    One run by hippies who prefer that to people shooting wolves in town.

    Because The Wolf Is A Noble Spirit Animal Etc.