Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Is 1000 < 25?

When it's 1000 Catholics protesting Obama's oppressive policies, as opposed to 25 leftists supporting them.  From the PJ Tatler:

There was a large political protest in San Francisco a couple days ago. In fact, it was one of the largest ones this year and far out-drew any OccupySF protests since the earliest days of that movement.
And yet, the protest was almost completely ignored by the mainstream media.
Because it was organized by Catholic groups strongly opposing President Obama and his contraception mandate for religious organizations. Any event that opposes Obama is deemed by the media to be irrelevant and trivial, and can safely be swept under the rug.
But thankfully the mainstream media no longer has a monopoly on the narrative, and in this case Larry in SF from the Fund47 blog was once again on the scene to bring us exclusive coverage of the protest, along with photographic proof that it numbered over a thousand people — far in excess of the few dozens that comprise the typical media-saturated Occupy protests these days.
Tiny protests by the left get covered by San Francisco newspapers; fair sized ones by Catholics get ignored.

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