Wednesday, March 14, 2012

More Math Than I Am Used To Seeing on a Billboard

Flying Pie Pizza on State Street in Boise gives away pizza every day to whatever the group they have identified on their billboard: people with a particular name; people who have been to Peru; that sort of thing.  Today's announcement was for those who know pi to 150 digits.  Of course, what is today?  3/14.  (Or to make it more obvious: 3.14.)

Oh yes, Flying Pie makes a very nice pizza--a welcome change from the chains.

UPDATE: How to remember 150 digits: Sasha Volokh came up with a mnemonic for remembering the first 167 digits.


  1. Not quite the same, but I've heard of a pie-and-confection-and-coffee place called Grand Traverse Pie Company which offers free pies for a half hour...from 3:14 PM to 3:44 PM on 3/14.

    But 150 digits of PI? That's pretty challenging.

  2. The real Pi day ought to be July 22; 22/7 is a closer approximation than 3.14.

  3. The Real Pi Day should be held on June 28 (6.28) because the True Circle Constant should be calculated as the ratio of the circumference to the radius of a circle, not the diameter.

    In mathematics, over and over again, a "unit circle" is designed as a circle with radius 1; and because mathematicians centuries ago made the mistake of calculating the Constant using the diameter instead of the radius, we're stuck with awkward "2pi" equations all over the place.

    See for more info.