Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drugs Are Bad For You

From the March 20, 2012 Idaho Statesman:

Jordan J. Parley White is being held in the Ada County Jail on misdemeanor charges of marijuana possession and public intoxication after Garden City police say they caught him running naked in traffic by the Glenwood Street bridge early Tuesday morning.
Police officials say White told officers he had been smoking marijuana and eating psilocybin mushrooms with a friend in Boise’s North End prior to his arrest.
If you don't know what Boise's North End is--think of Berkeley.

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  1. Don't forget Berkeley light house prices too or at least during the bubble. Still can't believe people were willing to pay $300K+ for a 700 sq ft craftsman style house on a postage stamp lot built before WW2 with most likely ancient plumbing, wiring, heating and no AC! Those neighborhoods and cute homes have a certain charm (think It's a Wonderful Life) but not that much charm!

    And then add the nude guy with dreadlocks---I don't think so!