Friday, March 16, 2012

Interesting Archaeological Dig

From AP:

LONDON (AP) — Archaeologists excavating near Cambridge have stumbled upon a rare and mysterious find: The skeleton of a 7th-century teenager buried in an ornamental bed along with a gold-and-garnet cross, an iron knife and a purse of glass beads.
Experts say the grave is an example of an unusual Anglo-Saxonfunerary practice of which very little is known. Just over a dozen of these "bed burials" have been found in Britain, and it's one of only two in which a pectoral cross — meant to be worn over the chest — has been discovered.
The article points out that this is the period when Christianity is just beginning to make significant inroads into Anglo-Saxon society in Britain, and there is a mixture of traditional pagan grave goods and a cross.

In another 30 years, articles like this will have to explain what "Christianity" was.

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  1. I like the post. The punchline may very well read, though, that in 30 years only the home schooled Christians will still know how to read.