Monday, March 12, 2012

Those Sneaky Wyoming People...

They passed a gun control law when I wasn't watching.  From the January 1, 2012 Billings Gazette:

CHEYENNE — Posted prominently at the entrance to Frontier Mall in Cheyenne is a large “weapons prohibited” sign.
It replaced a small sign previously posted at the side of the entrance, residents said.
The Veterans Administration Hospital also has a new large similar sign that replaces a smaller one, said Richard Gessell of Cheyenne, a veteran and gun collector.
“It’s a pretty good-sized sign at the main entrance right at eye level,” Gessell said.
The larger no-guns-allowed signs were placed after the new law allowing residents to carry concealed handguns without a permit went into effect nearly six months ago.

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  1. Thanks for the anonymous comments, not because I want to be anonymous, but because I don't want my other accounts linked to comments.

    Here in AZ, the Universities are in a tizzy because they are forced to allow legal carry on campus, and can only prohibit it in buildings if they provide a way for folks to securely drop off their guns while inside (the certified victim zone) the buildings.

    John Moore