Saturday, March 17, 2012

Network Solutions: Never Register a Domain With Them

A very low competence organization indeed.  I am trying to get my domain name transferred over to Host Rocket, who seems to know what to do.  Network Solutions?  Not so much.


  1. They have a customer service call center nearby where I applied for a job some years ago. By the end of the interview process I'd determined that looking for a job elsewhere was a good idea. From what I could gather from talking to the HR people and sitting in on calls for part of the afternoon, they seemed to be almost entirely focused on how you could use the problem the customer was having to sell them more stuff which I am pretty much opposed to. Unless the customer's problem is that they NEED more stuff, of course, but NetSol wasn't so big on the "need" portion of the equation. After several of the calls I made comments to the CSR I was with on how the situation could have been easily and quickly solved at no expense...and was quickly instructed that the only way to make a decent paycheck there was on commissions for upselling.

    I was assured I wouldn't spend long as a Tier 1 and would get to actually, you know, HELP people...still couldn't talk myself into it.

  2. They know what to do. They just want, very very much, not to do it.

  3. Hi Clayton, one problem with having a webhost have the domain registration is, if there should be any problems with hosting and you decide to transfer away, people have had problems transferring away because of bad feelings.

    It's usually best to register the domain with a separate registrar. I have a number of domains with, even maybe Godaddy.

    Sorry to hear Netsol (Networksolutions) has degraded a lot. Are they still charging $35! bucks a year?

  4. These people will be able to answer any question about domains, hosting etc.