Monday, March 26, 2012

Castle Nut Wrench Question

I need to install a top sling adapter on an AR-15.  The castle nut wrench made by Tapco looks like the right tool for this--but just to be sure--this is the same castle nut for the collapsible stock and the fixed stock, right?  Any preferences out there for the AR-15 top sling adapters?  I have a top sling that uses the snap clip latch, so it should not be the kind that accepts the sling itself.

UPDATE: Very useful suggestions from all--but it turns out that the top sling that I bought can be made to do what I want, anyway.  I snapped the clip on end of the sling onto the front sling, under the front handguard, and wrapped the sling around the handguard, so that it braced the handguard, and the rear clip to the rear sling position.  I know have a completely functional ready position sling.  It makes it comfortable to carry with the sling over my left shoulder, so that my hands can be free if needed.  It is comfortable and fast to bring to the shoulder for firing, and even provides some bracing when in position.  It is at least possible to fire from the hip, although that is generally more useful for making movies than in the real world.

I do hope that I never have a real world situation where this makes sense, but watching the country arm itself to the level that it is doing tells me that a lot of Americans have figured out that something a lot worse than zombie apocalypse is coming our way soon.


  1. Your bases are covered if you are talking about this tool:

    Collapsible stocks just have the castle nut (with a drop of blue loctite usually). A2 fixed rifle stocks have a screw at the back of the tube holding the stock. The tapco tool then gets used on the end of the tube.


    If you want a sling attachment point at the rear of the receiver, you will need to look for endplates which keep the attachment point to the side or below the extension tube to guarantee that the charging handle is always clear.

    Hope this helps.

  2. When you say "watch for flying springs" I presume that you mean besides the buffer spring inside the stock.

    Thanks for the tips on this.

    I have noticed and figured out that the attachment point has to be well below the charging handle. I'm surprised someone doesn't make something that attaches to the rear of the carry handle on the rifle. This would seem like an easy attachment point, and it is clear of the charging handle.