Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pot. Kettle. Black.

Steve Green at Vegas inc. reports on the latest signs of a break with reality from Steve Gibson of Righthaven:

The CEO of copyright lawsuit filer Righthaven LLC is complaining that he's the victim of ''unconscionable'' ambush tactics by opposing attorneys in one of several lawsuits filed by the company.
Steven Gibson, who is facing a fine of $500 per day over Righthaven's failure to turn over financial information in the case, says the attorneys are unfairly trying to pin the blame on him for not producing the data. He claims the responsibility lies not with him or the company but with an attorney who has represented Righthaven, Shawn Mangano.
This is the guy who filed lawsuits without warning demanding $75,000 (later $150,000) for copyright infringements that likely would have resulted in, at most, $200 penalties under the copyright law--but relied on the fact that defendants could not afford to spend $30,000 or more to defend themselves--and he is complaining about "unconscionable" tactics?  And now he is blaming an employee for the failure of Righthaven to turn over documents related to Gibson and his wife's personal finances?

If there is anyone who is an argument for jail time for litigation abuse, it is Steve Gibson.  But he does seem to be trying to rewrite the old definition of chutzpah: the man convicted of murdering his parents who throws himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan.

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