Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flying Is Just Losing Its Magic

First the attendant rants about 9/11 on an American Airlines flight: now this:

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Passengers aboard an early morning flight from New York bound for Las Vegas first noticed something wrong when the plane's top pilot came out of the cockpit, didn't close the door and tried to force his way into an occupied bathroom.
The JetBlue captain's co-workers tried to calm him as he became more jittery, coaxing him to the back of the plane while making sure — above all — that he didn't get back near the plane's controls.
Then, he sprinted up the cabin's aisle — ranting about a bomb, screaming "They're going to take us down!" and urging confused passengers to pray.
It appears that the captain had some sort of emotional or mental illness breakdown.  Fortunately, the passengers and other crew were able to restrain him.

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