Monday, March 26, 2012

Ammo Shortages Again?

I have heard reports of ammo again being in short supply--I guess signs that a lot of Americans think Obama is going to win re-election and take some drastic steps.  If you go to Cheaper Than Dirt, yes, many of the most cost-effective priced ammo products are out of stock.  If you go to Lucky Gunner, they do not seem to have this problem, and they are only slightly more expensive (fractions of a penny per round more expensive).

If you think about it for a minute, you have to wonder: if there are so many people so worried about Obama's re-election to drive gun company stock prices into the stratosphere, and create severe shortages of ammunition--how could Obama possibly win re-election?  There is a real serious disconnect here, unless the problem is that dead people don't buy guns or ammo, but they do certainly vote.


  1. Reloading is a great way to expand the firearms hobby. I have a Dillon Square Deal B which is a pistol caliber only progressive press. If I was starting over now I would go with their RL550B which can do rifle calibers as well. With saved brass and plated bullets (fine for target shooting), I can reload 9mm for just under 15 cents a round.

    I think we are seeing more than just a fear reaction to the possible continuation of the Obama administration. Since sometime after the passage of the Clinton era gun control laws the culture has been shifting back towards acceptance of firearms. Of course 9/11 and the wars have also contributed to the shift, but would have just been minor sales spikes if there wasn't something deeper going on in American culture.

  2. The people buying ammo have opted out of the voting processes would be another explanation for the disconnect.