Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Incitement to Riot?

MSNBC reports that director Spike Lee retweeted the address of George Zimmerman to 240,000 followers. If it was the right address, this would have been reprehensible, especially since at least some of those 240,000 followers might well have decided to engage in their form of racial justice.  But:

Elaine McClain, 70, the owner of the misidentified house in Sanford, Florida, and her husband David McClain, 72, tell news outlets they're now "living in fear." The address spread on Twitter, accompanied by threats of violence, and the couple are now staying at a hotel "to avoid the spotlight and possible danger," reports the Orlando Sentinel. 
Oh, and Mrs. McClain? She reportedly has a heart condition. Awesome. 
 It is becoming increasingly apparent that the leader of the left lacks the emotional maturity and intelligence to behave like adults.

1 comment:

  1. I don't think Spike Lee is the leader of the left, though.

    (Though, speaking of leaders, it occurs to me that the President could gain a lot of deserved respect by speaking out about that and reminding people that It Is Not Okay.)