Friday, March 30, 2012

ABC, As Usual, Engaged In Deception

As a number of people point out, careful examination of the video of Zimmerman at the police station actually does support his claim of injuries to the back of the head and that he has a bandage on his nose.  (Hint: it is likely that the paramedics cleaned up both injuries while trying to figure out how badly he was hurt.)  It appears that ABC News actually did things to hide those injuries on the video.  This is not surprising; creating a race war is a fundamental part of how liberals operate.

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  1. Having had a broken nose more than once--including once when I was punched in the face as a teen--I know that they don't put a bandage on your nose for a broken nose, if it's not cut on the outside. If it's just broken cartilage, all they do is pack your nose with gauze to absorb the blood. Afterwards, 30 seconds with a wet paper towel will make your nose look like it's fine, especially on a relatively low-res camera.