Friday, December 23, 2011

Wrecked Exotics

Shortly after I bought the Corvette, a friend in California pointed me to this website, (or perhaps one with similar content).  It is still a sobering reminder that just because you can buy a high performance sports car does not mean that you can drive one.  (Or maybe you can--and bad luck happens to the best of us.)

This is a Lamborghini Murcielago LP-670-4 SV wrecked in Indonesia to a level that goes far beyond "totaled."

This Mercedes CLK wrecked in Spain does not look like it is even possible.

The most bizarre of all--a Corvette wrecked in Iran.  How, exactly, did a Corvette end up in Iran?

Here is a reminder of what a low nose does for you: a 2008 Corvette that rear ended another car and ended up in what might be considered a compromising position--if you were an animal or person.

And some people are just too stupid to survive.  A 2007 Corvette: "22 year old female driver lost control at high speed, crashed and rolled over, killing all 4 passengers. (Yes, there were 4 people riding in the car)."

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  1. Then there is the story in recent news about the guy that won a lime-green Lamborghini in a lottery and wrecked it right away.