Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Get Ready: Total Solar Eclipse Across the U.S. August 21, 2017

I recognize that not everyone takes the same long-term planning approach that I do, but I have been looking forward to this with anticipation since 2008.  The path of totality will come ashore along the northern Oregon coast, pass over my house, cut a swath through the Midwest, and exit through South Carolina.  Maximum totality will be over southwestern Kentucky (and only 2 minutes, 40 seconds at that), but what the heck, for most of of us it will be in the middle of the day, so, as long as there are no clouds, it should be spectacular.  It also appears that this is reserved just for the United States.


  1. Speaking of long-range planning, did you choose your current residence because it would be within the path of totality?

  2. Yes. And I chose who my ancestors would be to make sure that I ended up in the wealthiest country on Earth.

  3. Obviously when you were doing your long-range planning, you didn't check your Mayan calendar.

    You should be maxing-out your credit card right now, because it's all over a year from now!