Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Pay No Attention To Popular Music Anymore...

But I did get a good laugh from this article in the Guardian about the Grammy nominations:
Other than sadism, there can be no other explanation for the sonic boom of hell that was a live duet featuring that master of subtlety, Ludacris – a singer perhaps best known for a song that features the Shakespearean chorus of "Get back, [expletive deleted], you don't know me like that" – and Jason Aldean, an extraordinary young man whose life ambition appears to be to marry the two genres of rap and country music.
If you think that sounds like a marriage that would make Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? look a model of romance, you would be underestimating what it's like to watch a man do hip-hop hand gestures while wearing a cowboy hat with Ludacris gurning in the wings. All that was lacking was background imagery of strip malls and the Kardashians for the tableau of American hell to be complete.

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