Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why Does Moving To Florida Sound So Good?

We have a spectacularly clear night--because anything like moisture froze out of the air days ago.  The Milky Way was obvious, and the constellations were glorious.

I rolled out Big Bertha, and wow!  I could see an enormous amount of detail on Jupiter at 160x, including the Red Spot, and more detail in the bands than I could ever hope to sketch.  (A bit like Jupiter in this Jack Newton picture, but much sharper.)  But it was just too cold to stay out there!  I can't wear gloves the whole time, and my hands were beginning to ache from the cold.


  1. I've lived in south Florida. You're not missing a thing. The humidity down near Miami was such that many folks ran the AC 365 days a year to prevent mold from growing in the house. You ever wonder why carpets are rare down in Florida? Now you know. Backyard astronomy in Florida just doesn't work well.

    Personally, Flagstaff is closer to my ideal: low humidity, some seasons but nothing too extreme.

  2. You need one of these for your nighttime activities:

  3. Florida? How about moving to Malaysia?

    There is amateur astronomy there (your ScopeRoller customer).

    The weather is always warm, and one has a clear view of both celestial hemispheres.