Friday, December 30, 2011

Expanding the ScopeRoller Product Line (Phase 2)

I added the other measurement device to the ScopeRoller webpage yesterday.  This is a precision, flexible semidisposable ruler intended for use on the fence of cutoff saws (or chop saws, as some call them).  It makes it possible to quickly and easily measure the length of an object that you are about to cut to about .050" accuracy.  As the example shows, you would normally use this for positioning a stop, so that if you need to make a lot of items that are 2.80" long, you position the stop once, and just keep cutting.

The stop is at 2.86" because when cutting aluminum tubing, the blade on my cutoff saw actually takes about .06"-.07" more material than the blade itself.  (This is likely because of both blade vibration and bearing irregularity.)

My experience using this tells me that I can cut ten workpieces in a row and have them all come out within about .030" of each other in length.  This is good enough that for many purposes, there is no point in turning them on the lathe.  Even when I do need better accuracy than that, it means that I can square and trim to length in a fraction of the time that I used to spend.

I have also added most of the ScopeRoller products to the database, so if you do a search now for ScopeRoller, you will get several pages of products, with links.  Now, if only paying customers end up doing this!

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