Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Am I Missing Something Here?

Back when I was young, a coupon was something that you took to the retailer, and it gave you a certain amount off each item of the appropriate brand and size that you bought.  Now I see this in Craig's List, and I find myself this really complicated?  Or will I be seeing similar requests involving breathing next?

I need help learning how to Coupon!
With the economy being how it is I would love to learn how to coupon. I need ways to save money and feed my family. I'm hoping someone out there can help me get started on it.
Many years ago, a member of the SSU rifle club described a fellow student as, "not smart enough to buy bread at the market without assistance."  I do hope that "how to Coupon" is not really at this level.


  1. Might be interesting to respond and find out what this is really about. As there are many scammers using Craigslist it could be some kind of scam, but then again there are also lazy people out there....

    Many people have made an industry out of the "extreme couponing" craze via TV programs, websites and books (and selling the stuff they don't use).

    This past Sunday Fred Meyer didn't put a food sale flyer into the ID Statesman (at least I didn't get one and the local store said one wasn't published) but one can get the flyer from their website and print the coupons using some of that $1K per gallon inkjet ink. Perhaps it is cost savings on their part, but I am wondering if this isn't in response to some sort of coupon scam/abuse.....

    Now that stores have savings clubs and they track your purchasing using those they can give a customer offers based on their purchase history or targeted marketing which in some cases makes coupons obsolete.

  2. Like 'W' suggested, it's probably about 'Extreme Couponing', which I'm guessing the poster wanted to do. These folks keep spreadsheets, call manufacturers for coupons, search newspapers high and low, etc, in order to get $1,000 worth of groceries for $15 or something absurd like that.

    My wife is just starting to try this sort of stuff, and she routinely gets 40% off the grocery bill (and we'll actually use most of the purchases....)

    She's in a local Mom's group that's starting to make a sport of this.

  3. The ad is a little strange but as with most things I expect there is some skill involved in effectively using coupons (and in economical spending in general) that is easier to pick up as part of a group that is into it. And the advertiser's problem might be loneliness as much as anything else.