Monday, December 19, 2011

Decline and Fall of American Civilization

From the December 14, 2011 New York Times:
University of Vermont fraternity has been suspended while school officials, national organization leaders and the police investigate allegations that a survey was circulated among members asking them who they would like to rape.
I've learned to believe everything that fits into the "patriarchy exists to oppress womyn" nonsense.  But I have also learned that there is an awful lot of really awful behavior going on an universities where young men have no adult supervision.


  1. It was a while back, but here's some other bizarre ways they pass the time at UVM.

  2. I recall reading about a survey done by a University psych department a few decades back asking college-aged men/boys whether they would rape if there were guaranteed no repurcussions, and as I recall a distressingly large majority said they would.

    This latest news report sounds really bad, but a) why were they asking, b) what were the results, and c) are the results out of line with the national average?

  3. Don't forget that from these frat boys (at all schools) will come our future leaders in business and government! Me thinks we are damned!