Saturday, December 17, 2011

Homofascism at Hamline

Volokh Conspiracy has a posting about a recent decision to rescind an employment offer (well, at least the emails suggest that they had hired him) to a guy named Tom Emmer, who was recently a Republican candidate for governor in Minnesota.  Apparently, Emmer held crimethink beliefs:
And hiring someone stridently opposed to gay rights goes against the school’s ethic of nondiscrimination and works against training the staff does on creating safe spaces for gay and lesbian students, Bonilla said.
I just love that: they are discriminating against someone because his belief system is contrary to their "ethic of nondiscrimination."

What's really entertaining (in a "watch America collapse" kind of way) is to read the comments over there, justifying why Emmer should not be hired because his views on same-sex marriage make him like a KKK member.  Remember that opposition to same-sex marriage includes at least half the U.S. population, more than half of California voters, and that well-known KKK member, President Obama.

Another argument is that gay and lesbian students would not be comfortable having Emmer for a class, because they would not know if he was discriminating against them for being gay.

Imagine if, when traditional values about this were still the norm, say about 1970, or even 1980, if universities had refused to hire openly gay professors because straight students would have been uncomfortable, or were afraid that the professor might try to exchange sex for a better grade.  Fortunately for the homofascists, universities were open-minded back then.  Today, not so much.

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