Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Product

I mentioned a few days ago that ScopeRoller was expanding into measurement tools (cheap ones).  I had a very practical example of the difference this particular one makes when my son came up this evening to do some manufacturing of ScopeRoller caster assemblies.  Part of the process involves boring out some 1.75" nominal inside diameter aluminum cylinders so that they are actually 1.751" ID.  They have to be bored for 2.00" length.

Ordinarily, this is a a matter of turning the handwheel on the lathe a total of 40 times--and remembering, how many times have I turned it?  Now, because of the ruler under the saddle, he knows where to stop, and then slowly approach the zero on the handwheel.  It has certainly speeded up production a bit.


  1. This description is a bit confusing.

    If the nominal inside diameter is 1.75", how can one bore it to 1.51"?

    And how does this relate to boring to 2.00"?

  2. A typo, and a lack of clarity. Fixed it!