Friday, December 16, 2011

My, How The World Has Changed

There was a time when Neanderthal conservatives would accuse the academic world of being full of Communists and perverts.  Now, the ivory tower seems rather intent on proving them right!  Inside Higher Education had an ad recently:

This problem of two academics needing to find jobs at the same university, or at least in the same area, is pretty common.  The days of the wife following along wherever the husband's job took him are long past.  Especially in academia, it would be a bit silly for one PhD to take a new job, while the other PhD spent her days baking cookies.  But take a look at that ad, and ask yourself: why would you use what is still a pretty rare situation (a same-sex couple) when at least 95% of all actual couples are going to be traditional (one man, one woman)?  Or is it really the case that same-sex couples are the norm in the academy?


  1. The link takes you the article about Pell grants on which you left a comment.

  2. It's signaling behavior; posturing.

    InsideHigherEd is showing its readers that it likes gay people.

    Nothing more or less. (And IHE certainly can't speak for "the academy"...)

  3. IHE isn't speaking for the academy, but the advertiser is certainly speaking to it. If they thought that this would be offensive or even odd in the academy, they would not use an image of two men.

  4. I personally refuse to allow anyone to capture the language of an argument.

    They are not same-sex couples. They are homosexuals practicing sodomy.

    It is your site and your house, and so I respect the privilege of writing. Nonetheless, I think that it is wrong to use words that dignify in any way that which is an abomination.

  5. Remember, "Diversity" means having the statistical outliers portrayed as equally frequent as the norm, if not more so in an effort to "Make up for" the past.

  6. rfb: Alas, people that care as strongly as you are fast disappearing. Christians in America have made peace with homosexuality, as they did with adultery, and divorce, and premarital sex, and materialism, and slavery. They will, under the same pressures and encouragements, make peace with polygamy, child molestation and bestiality.

  7. The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches against your laundry list of things "Christians in America" accept.

    Catholics are the largest Christian denomination with non practicing Catholics second largest. Protestant sects, numbering more than 32,000 since Luther with their squabbling, voting and splintering combined do not equal Catholic numbers.

    As always, against the secular tide, Catholics witness to the truth in the teaching of the Church.

    Thanks, Clayton!

  8. That's why Massachusetts voters (more Catholic than most other states) overrode the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court about gay marriage?

  9. I like the question and I adhere to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. People say that they are Catholic then behave contrary to the teachings of Christ's church on Earth. Catholics publicly affirm their belief at Communion when the minister with the host says, "The Body of Christ." The communicant is expected to reply, "Amen" meaning that they accept all that the Church teaches.

    Say one thing, do another; though no suprise, the sting of scandal never loses its intensity or effect. The scandal is a wound on the individual and on the society. The Catholics have the particular judgment at physical death to remember. The judgment IS taught and the faithful receiving communion state their belief that it will occur.

    MA voters, as others, have access to sacramental reconciliation, absolution, followed by penance and firm commitment to amendment of behavior.

    And tell me about voters, elected officials and courts, I am in California.

    Thanks again, Clayton.