Wednesday, August 9, 2017

You Do Not Really Need Machine Tools to Make Guns

Bearing Arms discusses and shows a video about a guy who ended up making submachines in Britain from entirely off the shelf, non-gun parts.  The magazine catch is amazingly simple and clever  Here is one of the books that sent this guy to prison: how to make a .32/.380 machine pistol.


Sigivald said...

Heck, as I understand it, a submachinegun is the easiest repeating firearm to make.

John said...

That is very interesting. I have no interest in making a sub machine gun and not enough gun knowledge to know if the info in the book is right.

Assuming it is, I was amazed at how easy it is in the sense that no special tools are needed.

In Neal Stephenson's book Cryptonomicon one of the characters is somewhat obsessive about genocide. Not just of the Jews and Poles in Germany but others both bigger and smaller.

A silicone valley success, he works at document them to assure that they never happen again. He calls it HEAP for Holocaust Edcuation and Avoidance Pod.

Toward the end of the book they are working on a submachine gun that can be built anywhere by anyone.

This look like what they were after.

John Henry