Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Remember "Food Deserts"?

Black neighborhoods were short of groceries stores selling fresh and healthy foods, causing black kids to go to McDonald's and get fat.  The lack of grocery stores could not have anything to do with burned-out businesses and armed robberies driving out businesses, of course.  So the latest progressive crisis?  8/8/17 National Review:
After half a century of urban disorder in Newark, yet another disaster has befallen New Jersey’s largest city: The city’s first Whole Foods just opened. First it was arson, then it was crack, now it’s farm-fresh goat cheese. Will the horror never end? Can Newark ever catch a break? The questions are implied in a New York Times piece this week headlined with a lament from one city resident that Whole Foods, which opened its Newark branch in late winter, is “not for us.” Newark’s population is only one-fourth white, and it seems obvious that the sentiment being expressed here, as well as the use of the word “gentrification,” are what in other contexts might be called “racial dog whistles.”
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