Sunday, August 13, 2017

National Socialist Progressivism

Anyone who has read the 1920 or 1924 National Socialist party platforms can immediately see that many provisions are recognizably progressive,  even if the party could best be described as heretics of progressivism. While reading progressive comments about the recent riots in Virginia, I suddenly realized another unmistakable progressive policy of Hitler's Germany.

Progressives are obsessed with white domination of our society to the detriment of people of color, women,  and LGBTs. Their solution is aggressive hostility towards an imagined monolithic group of evildoers,  and intentional preference for a victim group (everyone not a white, straight cis- male).

The National Socialists were similarly obsessed with another racial group (as the National Socialists imagined them) dominating media, the arts, science,  banking,  and commerce, to the detriment of German society, and giving preference to Jews and other perverts in employment.  Their solution was an extreme form of affirmative action for "Aryans," firing all Jews from teaching positions and other jobs to make way for the more deserving Aryans.  Affirmative Action for Aryans!  How unfortunate that this is not more generally recognized as a progressive policy.

And of course confiscation of Jewish property has its analogy in demands for reparations for slavery.

Forcing Christians or of business;  Jude on shop windows.

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