Sunday, August 13, 2017

Webcam Update Program

Several years ago, I had my Linux box running a program called webcam that used a USB camera to take pictures of my driveway and upload them to my web page periodically.  Anyway, I assume that such a program exists for Windows 7, but any string with webcam in it returns everything except such a program.  Is there some magic keyword that I am missing?

Sloppy workaround: figure out how to get the webcam to take a picture every minute, store it in a folder as latest, then have a batch file running every minute to do an ftp put of latest.  Just not sure how to force that picture to be taken on a schedule.

Fwink is what I used.  No longer seems to work; same for YawCam which complains "no script engine for file extension *.vbs".  WebCamFirst crashes with null pointer exception.

There no longer seem to be any free webcam programs that work, but an unlimited number of sites peddling porn through webcams.


Ed said...

Try "github webcam". Webcamoid might work, there are others

Clayton Cramer said...

github webcam shows lots of libraries, but not a complete program for that. webcamoid seems to have no upload to webpage.

Ed said...

Hmmm. I tried to look but am getting a "server not found" message. For Github. Pretty strange... I'll try again in a while.

Up to Rexburgh in a few days, btw, for the eclipse. I wasn't going to go, but got offered a ride, so why not?