Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Publication Offer

Kansas Journal of Law & Public Policy has offered to publish

Congress is considering passage of national concealed carry legislation requiring all states to recognize concealed weapon licenses issued by any state, rather like the way that every state recognizes driver’s licenses issued by another state. Are there any constitutional problems with such legislation? What practical problems might result? This paper seeks to answer those questions.


Jim Dunmyer said...

Your usual thorough work, I hope it has some influence on the Congress Critters.

One small question: the first sentence of Section F has the phrase, "will be dwarfed" and it seems to me like it should read, "will dwarf". Or am I mis-reading it?

Good job, Clayton!


Clayton Cramer said...

Thanks. I will l look at tomorrow.

Clayton Cramer said...

No, all the visitors from other states will be a tiny fraction of residents and therefore those carrying concealed from out of state will be tiny compared to residents carrying. Even in California, with about 30,000+ CCWs, the number of non-residents carrying on any particular day will likely be a small fraction of that.