Wednesday, January 22, 2014

VMWare Player Apparently Can't Run On Windows 7 32-bit

Disappointing.  I was planning to buy a 64-bit quad core notebook at some point, perhaps after I have retired and have more time to spend on stuff that is interesting, but of limited economic value (like writing software).


jdege said...

I'm running Windows 7 perfectly fine on VMWare Workstation, on a 64-bit Linux Mint 11.0.

For that matter, I'm responding to you from a Linux Mint 12.0 virtual, running on that same Linux Mint 11.0 host. I occasionally find myself running both Windows and Linux simultaneously.

I do all my work in virtuals, these days. Makes backups simpler, and eliminates hardware dependencies.

If you're going to go virtual, you might as well go all the way. And there's no reason why your host has to be as much of a pig as Win7.

Rob K said...

VirtualBox can (and it's free). And why ever would you want to run a 32 bit OS on a modern quad core processor?

AnarchAngel said...

If your laptop is less than 7 years old, and not a celeron or atom, it's almost certainly 64 bit. Most celerons were 64 bit as well.

Intel hasn't produced a 32 bit pentium or core class processor since 2007.

Clayton Cramer said...

This is a very old laptop: about 2005 or 2006 vintage.

Sigivald said...

I run 32 bit OSes on a modern CPU because I have to do 32 bit OS bug repros and fixes, and some software (not mine) only runs in a 32 bit environment.

Fortunately this is not a common problem.

Clayton: Even a bargain basement new laptop will radically out-perform that relic, even if it was top-end when it was new.

That thing's a doorstop, not a computer.

(Says the guy who still possesses functioning computers with two digit clock rates!)

Clayton Cramer said...

The 64-bit Toshiba Portege that I bought my wife has a Windows Experience index of 2.4. This doorstep has a Windows Experience index of 3.1. Not bad for an antique.

I probably do need to buy a quad core beast sooner rather than later.

Clayton Cramer said...

The notebook that I use for the State of Idaho has a Windows Experience of 6.1. But it is a quad core system with 16 GB of RAM, and a 250 GB SSD. It is faster than my doorstop, no question but unless I get a quad core with more than 4GB of RAM, according to Microsoft, it can't be better than 5.9.

Clayton Cramer said...

VirtualBox installs! But CentOS 6.4 does not, because this is an i686 instruction set. So I am installing Ubuntu 12.04 instead.