Friday, January 24, 2014

Amazing How Much Traffic Some Blogs Get

I had a dramatic spike in traffic a couple of days back because SurvivalBlog had something nice to say about me.  It really makes me realize how tiny of an audience I have.  Of course, SurvivalBlog is focused on the possiblity of the end of civilization as we know it -- and pretty obviously, a lot of people think that is a real likelihood.  I confess, watching shows like Doomsday Preppers and the number of customers that such businesses have makes me wonder if I am being way too optimistic about the future.


Unknown said...

Well, he has new content every day, and all in the same vein, whereas yours is all over the map in its subject matter. The last two posts might as well be greek to me -- I'm not complaining, but pointing out that one sure way to build traffic is to have a regular supply of free ice-cream.

Also, there are some factors other than nationwide apocalypse making "survival prep" popular in some circles.

One obvious one is that a religion (that claims 2% of the US population as adherents) counsels its members to stockpile a year's supply of food. That makes a whole bunch of people interested in how to do that effectively and economically.

Another one is that people have been "kicked" into action by experiencing or observing the effects of some recent disasters -- Katrina caused a massive internal migration within the USA, and much of that migration ended up not being temporary. Other hurricanes, floods, tornados, etc.; have caused people to "shelter in place" who then found themselves cut-off from replacement food, fuel, water, and transit for days or even weeks. We're hearing more about it partly because of media hype, and partly because more people have become at risk from development in at-risk areas.

Clayton Cramer said...

I know. Believe me, once I retire, I will be blogging up a storm, and on topics that are likely to interest many of my regular readers.

Clayton Cramer said...

Oh, and the Struts question is darn close to Greek to me.

Sebastian said...

I've gotten links from them before. It was near Instapundit levels of traffic.

mariner said...

Yes Clayton, you're far too optimistic about the future of our country.