Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Telescope Supposed To Be Delivered Today

At least, Fedex shows that it is on their truck for delivery.  This assumes that the snow does not prevent the Fedex truck from climbing the driveway.  I need to create a temporary rolling platform for it.  Using a deflection calculator, it appears that 16 gauge steel 26" on a side, with the casters mounted 0.5" from the corners, will give me a deflection of 0.00829 in. This assumes a point load, when the actual load is distributed across a 24.5" x 24" rectangle. This should be more than sufficient.

UPDATE: Well, it was supposed to be delivered today, but as the Fedex website explains:
Local weather delay - Delivery not attempted
No joke.  The Jaguar got stuck part way up the driveway.  My wife's TrailBlazer almost stuck.  This stuff that is falling is wet and turns into ice very quickly.

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