Sunday, January 26, 2014

John Boehner Working Hard To Create The Permanent Democratic Majority

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and other Republican leaders are expected to release a one-page statement of immigration principles this week at their annual retreat in Cambridge, Md., according to aides with knowledge of the plan. The document is expected to call for border security and enforcement measures, as well as providing a path to legal status — but not citizenship — for many of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, the aides said.
Oh yeah, and the permanent legal status "but not citizenship" will last right until the Democrats regain control of Congress.  And that won't take long, as large numbers of Americans (including many Democrats who are out of work) decide that there is no point in voting, because the only choice is between a party that brings in low wage workers to take away your job, and a party that brings them in to take away your job and give them voting rights.  

UPDATE: Glad to see others in the Republican Party can see this.  From Sen. Sessions's January 26, 2014 USA Today piece:
House Republicans should reply to the president's immigration effort with a simple message: Our first duty is to help struggling Americans find good work and rising wages.
The president's own economic adviser, Gene Sperling, recently noted that there are three unemployed people for every job available. Wages today have been flat since 2000. Last year, a record one in five American households received food stamps.
This is a national emergency.
There is a real opportunity for Republicans to deliver a devastating blow to the Democrats.  Run ads through this election campaign emphasizing that the poorest working Americans have the most to lose from amnesty for illegals -- that Obama represents corporations trying to get everyone crushed down to minimum wage.  But too many Republicans like Boehner represent those same big corporations that control the Democratic Party.


John Cunningham said...

I don't think "legal but not a citizen" would even need Commie control of both houses. it would only last until the first injunction came down from a Party judge.

Aaron said...

It is pretty depressing.

Not only do the Democrats have the media, illegals, voter fraud, IRS and NSA working for them, they've also got the old guard leadership of the Republican party.

Sigivald said...

Last year, a record one in five American households received food stamps.

While that's bad, it should be pointed out every time this factoid is trotted out that one reason it's true is that they keep expanding eligibility for SNAP/AFDC/etc.

Congress could give food stamps to every household in America and all that would tell us is that Congress is run by socialist fools, not that everyone in America was suddenly poor.

(Much as "the poverty line" has become defined as a percentage, not an actual level of either income or standard of living...

Truly, "the poor will always be with us".)

Joseph said...

Republicans have a problem: They are not trusted by recent immigrant groups. I don't think the solution is to make matters worse.

Clayton Cramer said...

One of the difficulties on this is that a lot of the "recent immigrant groups" are breaking U.S. law, entering the country illegally, or illegally overstaying tourist visas. This ends up being at the expense of U.S. citizens and legal residents who are now competing with illegal aliens for work. Oddly enough, immigrants who actually follow the rules are pretty resentful of the line jumpers.