Saturday, January 4, 2014

An Impressive Photo, All Things Considered

It is possible to take a picture through a telescope using a point-and-shoot camera, by just pointing it at the eyepiece.  The results are not usually spectacular, so I am quite impressed with this example taken by the guy rebuilding Big Bertha:

Yup.  He just put a point-and-shoot in front of a 27mm Televue lens.  It is finished, and ready to ship:


Jim Horn said...

Wow - now THAT's a serious rebuild! If it works as good as it looks (I know, grammatically incorrect but effective), you've got a heck of a fine instrument there, Clayton. Clear skies to you -

KCSteve said...

Cabela's sells a little attachment to your iPhone to hold the camera directly over a lens. I think there's a plain version as well as the Swarovski one.

Swarovski has, IIRC, an adapter to let you use pretty much any phone camera with their spotting scopes.

Might be a fun little toy to have around.

Cincinnatus said...

That looks great. Now I'm jealous.

Minicapt said...

Are you mounting it with Weaver rings?


Clayton Cramer said...

Weaver rings? What? Not possible!

I have an adapter for my DSLR that fits into the focuser, and takes really good pictures.