Thursday, January 2, 2014

So, What Country Did This Happen In?

A recent news account: 
As the multimillion-dollar cruiser The Oscar II docked at Rose Bay wharf just metres from the exclusive Catalina restaurant on Wednesday night someone opened fire with a semi-automatic weapon, spraying more than 20 bullets into the boat.
No fair noticing the spelling and measurement units!
LUXURY party boat, glamorous women and Sydney Harbour were the backdrops for the scene of the city's latest shooting involving the Brothers For Life crime gang.
One of the victims has been acquitted of three murder charges.  I'm glad that Australia's very restrictive gun control laws worked so well.


Sigivald said...

Where did they get a semi-automatic weapon that could "spray"?

Actuall, it's interesting that a serious criminal gang there didn't even bother smuggling in some real AKs from Indonesia or such.

Minicapt said...

It's the Afghans vs the Lebanese.
... sometime known as the "Men of No Appearance", when the local papers are unable to publish information on the offenders' identities.