Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Never Find Such Cool Stuff Going Through Old Boxes

From January 27, 2014 KTVB:
BOISE – Boise Police bomb technicians were called to a home in northwest Boise Monday afternoon after the couple living there found a World War II-era hand grenade.
The home is in the 8100 block of N. Dodgin Avenue, which is north of State Street and to the east of Horseshoe Bend Road.  The street was blocked off as a precaution and residents living in that area were told to stay inside their homes.
A spokesman for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office tells KTVB that the couple was going through a box of old stuff when they came upon the grenade.  It is unclear if it still works.
World War II-era means that this hand grenade has been sitting in a box for sixty-eight years -- and it was not even hidden, just forgotten.  I sometimes hear gun control advocates argue that if we ban guns now, eventually they will all fall of out of circulation.  This discovery makes me suspect that it would take a long time for guns that were actively hidden from the police state to actually get found.

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