Friday, January 31, 2014

The Seriousness of Sabbath Breaking

There's a section of the Vermont statutes defining the powers and responsibilities of town constables, starting on page 30.  Not surprisingly, constables are authorized to arrest various felons without warrant "where no justice of the peace is near at hand" but also "such as are overtaken with drink, guilty of profane swearing, Sabbath breaking; also vagrant persons, and unseasonable night walkers."  (The last would appear to refer to those out and about at night without a good reason.)

And here is the Sabbath breaking statute, from pp. 155-157:

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Kirk Parker said...

OK, I wonder if "Unseasonable Night Walkers" should be entered into the ongoing Possible Band Names competition?

And joking aside, it's great to have you posting these things that remind us that The Past Is A Foreign Country (among other reminders.)