Sunday, December 26, 2021

When B&H Photo Charges Extra for 1 Day Delivery...

 It means slower than Free delivery.  I placed two orders on Dec. 22.  I paid $32.54 for 1 Day Delivery.  A little later the same day, I placed another order with Free shipping.  The Free shipping order arrived Dec. 24.  1 Day Delivery is scheduled for Dec. 27.  Attempts to get a refund for the not 1 Day Delivery get a useless response, not a refund.

They just refunded the 1 Day charge.  Of course that FedEx is now showing an expected delivery last night while the telescope is still in Memphis...


  1. Hello, Credit Card? I'd like to change my name with this service provider to "Complainant."

    1. I am not going to get in a screeching match over $35.
      My time is worth more than that. I did learn what not to do next time.

  2. I have had that problem with FedEx, UPS and the USPS. More than once each.

    The last time UPS delivered a package for me to the USPS facility closest to me. They then put it on a truck to Indianapolis.

    I stopped paying for overnight delivery a long way back....

    If I need to tomorrow, I better be able to find it locally. But then there is almost nothing that I absolutely need tomorrow.