Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I Am Not Sure If This is Real

 A Faceplant posting that someone re-tweeted:

If you are one of those people still using one of Satan's tools, Faceplant, can you see if this posting was real?  Because this was a Faceplant post up on Twitter, I guess it qualifies as antisocial media squared.  My question: on which word does the superscripted 2 belong?

Assuming a member of the board of directors of the NEA actually posted this: why not the simpler solution to protect yourself from those dangerous "refusedniks": require them to wear a yellow badge of a hypodermic with a red circle and diagonal line across it?  The extermination can come later.

It appears she may have just Faceplanted herself out of a job.  12/7/21 Daily Caller:

The Daily Caller contacted the General McLane School District (GMSD) in Pennsylvania. Sarah Grabski, director of communications and administrative services for GMSD, confirmed the district did employ a woman named Mollie Mumau at General McLane High School.

“Grabski said the district could not legally discuss any personnel actions right now but that Mumau is not currently in its buildings,” The Daily Caller noted, adding that GMSD stated “The district is aware of a potentially inappropriate social media comment by a staff member. The district will investigate the matter and act accordingly. In all situations, the district’s utmost concern is the safety of our students and staff.”

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