Thursday, December 30, 2021

The Leftist AMA Gone a Rampage Against Racial Differences in Medical Care

 12/29/21 UPI:

Dec. 29 (UPI) -- Black men with prostate cancer appear to respond better than White men to radiation therapy for the disease, an analysis published Wednesday by JAMA Network Open found.

Based on data from seven clinical trials, Black men with the disease who are treated with radiation therapy were 12% less likely to experience cancer recurrence and 28% less likely to their tumors metastasize, or spread, to distant organs compared with White men, the data showed.

In addition, Black men who received radiation therapy were 28% less likely to die from prostate cancer than White men given the treatment.

This is despite the fact the Black men seemed to have more aggressive disease when they enrolled in clinical trials of radiation, according to the researchers.

We should not overstate possible differences.  We are all similar enough to produce an astonishing rainbow of colors, hair types, facial features, etc.  But pretending that there are never any biochemical differences that might influence medical care is so wrong that only a progressive could believe it. 


  1. The average genetic distance between Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans (i.e., whites and blacks) is about the same as that between wolves and coyotes.

    Boomer-cons seem to want to minimize functional differences in races because they think functional differences imply differences in value, but they don't.

    1. The Hawaiians disagree with you because Plavix has a different effect on them so they sued the drug company.

  2. I quit the AMA when I was a delegate 30 years ago. The defining moment for me was attending the June convention which is not the December scientific meeting. It is the political session where the money and power were in evidence. I am not surprised to see them go full Woke.

    Every month I get a dues bill from them. After 30 years, they keep hoping an office manager will pay it.