Thursday, December 2, 2021

Ladders Again

 What I really need (and I am prepared to pay a lot of money to have made) is a very light (perhaps carbon fiber) ladder with handrails who top step is 36" above ground level, with legs about 36" wide.  Where do I go?  There seem to be a lot of UK companies offering "wide" stepladders.  Why not in America?  Are our construction workers not wide enough?

I seem to have found an adequate ladder.  It is a smaller version of the behemoth warehouse ladder that I had up on the mountain, which was taller than I really needed.  Made in Mexico, not China.


  1. Rolling ladders are generally only 16" to 24" wide. Try searching instead for "rolling platform" or "mobile platform" to get the additional width you are seeking.
    Here is a link for a company that make aluminum ones in the range you are looking for - tread widths of 30" or 36" and platform height 30" or 40". All weigh under 40#. It will give you some ideas of price. Site says they also custom build.
    McMaster-Carr has these that are your desired size range but probabaly heavier than you want.

  2. Slightly different from your needs but here's a step ladder that's 32" wide with a top step 37.5" above ground.

    On Amazon:

    Many others too.