Friday, December 31, 2021

Interesting Documentary About the American Redoubt

It was put together by the Times of London. I suspect most conservatives would find the beginning inoffensive and even fairly positive about why conservatives are moving to the American Redoubt.  The people interviewed are pretty level headed.  One is a realtor who responds to the reporter's question about whether peppers are looking forward to TEOTWAWKI (or whatever that acronym is) and directly says that he knows no one who does because living off the grid and growing your own food is hard work.

There is an interview with faculty at one of the colleges who claims the idea that colleges are engaged in leftist propaganda is laughable.  I am prepared to admit that there are departments at some colleges where this is possibly correct.  A small number of faculty in a few departments are the source of much of the dangerously ignorant crap  

The end of the report interviewed the Spokane County Sheriff, who while making all the correct noises about extremism and some of the Bundyites that seem to have made themselves leaders of what might be considered a political movement, also observed that the real risk of violence will be if anyone goes after the Second Amendment and that there would be a nationwide response of violence.  He also reminded the reporter that the American Revolution started in response to an attempt to seize an armory.  My guess is that this sheriff is not a gun-grabber: he is subtly warning that gun banners might well shatter the peace on a national scale.

I confess that this Redoubt leader named Shea comes across as a potential cult leader who might not be a good choice for Governor of Greater Idaho.

They do mention the Aryan Nations crowd but make it clear they are old news and gone and no one comes across as sympathetic to them.


  1. You just know the "Times of London" is going to be fair and sympathetic to conservative viewpoints. Especially when at the very beginning of the video the reporter says, "I've come here to find out if [the redoubt] also encourages domestic terrorism."
    No doubt he has an open mind!

    1. He let the Spokane County Sheriff espouse that concern but otherwise let preppers speak for themselves in a way that made them appear sane.