Wednesday, August 4, 2021

How Bad Is This "Rising" Delta Variant?

 National Covid Deaths:

Aug. 3, 668 deaths; 7-day average 414.  Definitely rising but better than it has been for many months.

Idaho Covid Deaths:

Aug. 3, 5 deaths; 7-day average 2.

But the children!  Why every child needs to be masked.  The Idaho Covid Demographic breakdown by age:

Yes, 0 deaths below 18.  Now getting COVID-19 would be no fun, but death seems most unlikely.  Traffic accidents are also no fun, and a child is more likely to die in a traffic accident heading to school than from COVID-19.

Remember: panic is the totalitarian's friend.


  1. The data here is a little out of date.

    Delta doesn't appear to be any more dangerous, and ahould peak in the next 0-10 days. Deaths will be lower due to improved therapeutics and vaccines, which really aren't vaccines in the classic sense, but are more accurately described as prophylactics against severe infection.

    The media will quiet down in about two weeks when it becomes obvious that the Delta wave has fizzled out.

  2. The coercion to get the jab is getting more intense, so my answer has become the same one I use for the gun grabbers.

    "NO. Your move."

    1. The risk is low enough that it seems like a good idea. The effort to force it shows that they do not think they can persuade.