Monday, August 23, 2021

Royal Navy is Not Narrow-Minded About Alcohol on Board Unlike Our Navy

8/23/21 Daily Mail:
"A Scottish Royal Navy sailor who drunkenly tried to force a female colleague to give him oral sex on a nuclear submarine has escaped being thrown out of the military. 

"Able Seaman Calvin Denver, 28, had been drinking with others in the mess of the Trident missile-armed vessel for over five hours when he started harassing the woman."

I presume they have sobriety tests before the guy with the keys goes back on duty.

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  1. I recall reading a book by Ernie Pyle, the war correspondent in WW2 (either Brave Men or Here is Your War), about a soldier complaining that they got the worst of both worlds when American troops were transported on British ships. No smoking in the wardroom because it was a British ship, and no alcohol because they were all Americans getting transported.