Monday, August 23, 2021

3%ers and Oathkeepers: Thanks for Giving Us President Biden

I know that was not your intent, but the disruption successfully destroyed any chance of a challenge in the House.

My wife and I watched a New York Times video about Jan. 6th and yes, it was a pretty biased and carefully selected set of videos, but mob action is never pretty. This event will be used to tar Trump, Republicans, and conservatives for many years.

Yes, BLM/Antifa was held to a very different standard for violence against police and government buildings, but what were you expecting? The rules for us are different and you should have known that.  When the time comes where armed resistance to genocide or political oppression becomes necessary, baseball bats and bear spray will not be the weapons to use.  

In the meantime, remember that the most powerful weapon to distinguish yourselves from Antifa is obedience to laws and clearly lawful self-defense. 

Biden's either incompetent or malicious withdrawal are just going to build on traditional mid-term opposition party rebound.   The Democrats know they will lose the House next year (and maybe the Senate).  I am hoping the Trumpian wing of the party will be strong enough to align with the RINOs trying to score points for the 2024 election to do some serious investigation of what happened on dozens of stupid/corrupt deals and policies. 


  1. I'm curious, Mr. Cramer... Given the number of actual Antifa participants and the FBI's inability to find signs of any sort of "plan" to this whole affair...? What makes you think that this was the fault of anyone other than the establishment types in DC that were behind the whole thing in the first place? Don't blame the people you mention, because even if they hadn't have done anything that day, something would have happened. Like that pipe-bomb threat they had.

    The whole thing reeks of a put-up job, from start to finish. The Capitol Police were there at the doors, holding them; the doors were not secured. What does that tell you?

    Blaming the parties you do is what they want. Don't give them what they want--There was never going to be a challenge to the fraud, period. The signs are there; the Republic is lost, and it wasn't lost on January 6th, 2021. It died in the darkness of some dimly-lit back room, generations ago, without any of us noticing. All that's happening now is that the corpse is twitching.

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