Friday, August 13, 2021

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

 Latin for "Who guards the guards"?  The idea is a government powerful enough to protect you needs to be guarded against as well.  This is the reverse.  8/5/21 Fox News:

The homelessness crisis in the city of Seattle has become so dangerous that not even the King County Sheriff’s Department can keep its professional staff safe.

Citing the "unsafe environment around the courthouse, administration, parking garage and corrections facilities," King County Sheriff Mitzi Johanknecht ordered most of her non-commissioned staff to abandon their offices Tuesday and work to 100% remotely. The order was effective immediately. The staff who must remain in the office are employees who have routine and necessary in-person interactions with the public.

The Sheriff’s office is located in the downtown Seattle complex that houses the King county courthouse and is close to a homeless encampment in City Hall Park.

If the sheriff cannot protect its own people? 

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