Monday, August 23, 2021

Did I Miss This?

8/21/21 Daily Mail reports on a new University of Waterloo study that found cloth masks were far less effective than N95 masks at controlling spray and only slightly better than nothing at all:

"The blue, cloth surgical masks that have become popular during the pandemic were found be only 10 percent effective as it doe not cover the face properly....

"Yarusevych team added that ventilation tests revealed even modest ventilation rates provide about the same level of protection as the highest quality masks."

As I have mentioned; the WHO found no evidence they reduced spread of influenza. With this level of ineffectiveness at preventing aerosol dispersal, I am not surprised.  What amazes me is this:

" Earlier this month, President Joe Biden's former COVID-19 advisor and top epidemiologist warned Americans 'that many of the face cloth coverings that people wear are not very effective'.  

"Michael Osterholm spoke with CNN saying that people need to start wearing N95 respirators which are more effective against COVID-19."

How many of you have N95 masks?  Where can you buy them?  Here are instructions from Singapore General Hospital. 

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