Sunday, August 29, 2021

Technical Question for Photographers

Some years ago, I bought a 35mm SLR from a co-worker.  The lens cap was captive to the lens by a string glued to both the lens cap and body of the lens. 

I suspect this is a common technique, because replacement lens caps are often sold with a leash (to keep them from attacking other lens caps, I guess). 

It was a translucent white  glob perhaps 1/4" diameter.  It worked very well to make sure the lens cap did not get left behind or lost. I would love to know what this might have been.  Epoxy? Silicone sealant? Whte glue (probably not, it was translucent).  I think the globular nature matters to keep the leash attached.  Detachability is not important. 


  1. I've seen a couple of methods of attachment. Some lens caps that come with a leash have a hole, thread a loop of the thin part of the leash through the hole then the rest of the leash through the loop. Add on leashes have a 3/8 or so plastic dot. Most have elastic that goes around the lens so the leash stays with the lens.

    My method--all my usual lenses have either 58mm filter threads, or a step ring to adapt them up to 58mm. I use a retractable badge leash attached to the 58mm cap, the other end clipped to the camera strap. Since it's the same size cap for all my lenses the whole thing can stay put, I move the cap from the lens I just put on to the lens I just took off. This way I can just flip the cap off and let go, the cap won't be dangling and getting in the way.

  2. A dab of hot glue, or clear silicone sealer will do

  3. Very possibly hot glue, that's what my aunt used to use when I was a kid.

  4. I use Shoe Goo for all my little glue jobs, including reattaching the soles of my shoes. Sets up quickly and holds amazingly well.
    I fixed the rubber 'skid plate' under my toyota.
    You can buy it at Wal*Mart in the shoe department.