Saturday, August 28, 2021

With Good Behavior He Will Be Out in 400 Years

I am not making fun of this guy or his actions, but of the concept of a sentence of two lives plus 120 years. 8/26/21 KTVB:

" 2018, Kinner, a homeless man with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, was staying at a Boise apartment complex when he was asked to leave for bad behavior. He returned the next day and stabbed a 3-year-old to death during a birthday party. He also stabbed eight other people. 

"In March, Kinner pleaded guilty to murder and a dozen other charges, including eight counts of aggravated battery. In June, Fourth District Judge Nancy Baskin sentenced Kinner to two life terms in prison plus another 120 years. "

At its core again is untreated mental illness leading to murder.

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  1. My guess? Prisoners being released after having served only a portion of the sentence after trial, even those sentenced to life in prison. If you make the sentence long enough, and even 30% of it is still an actual life sentence.