Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Megachurches Are Not a Solution

This is from my wife's blog but it describes my feelings perfectly why politics is necessarily (or at least should be) downstream from Christianity.  We cannot improve the morality of a society through political action alone.  At best, politics can slow down the popular culture's degradation of what remains.

A nation of righteousness is solely built on hearts that are transformed by Christ, for He is our Righteousness.  We have to be guided by His light in order to create light; His wisdom, to create wisdom and His love to create love in all we do.


My greatest fear today is the evolution of the mega-church, where individuals come in to a large worship center, the lights darken, and the congregation becomes a crowd.  Everyone is enveloped in a sense of self-focus:  I am worshiping God as opposed to We are worshiping God together as His Body.  

The lights come up and the focus is now on the pastor.  He alone dispenses the Word; have we been in the Word at all this week, and come to church already fed?  Or do we rely on him to feed us in a fun and exciting way, that will make personal Bible study later on seem rather boring by comparison?  His stories, his analogies, his jokes seem to make the Word interesting; just sitting there at home, simply reading the Word, is comparable looking at the sheet music, as opposed to going to a symphony. 


  1. So... no person can be politically virtuous who is not a believing Christian?

    No nation where the people are not believing Christians can be "righteous"?

    So much for Japan, India, Israel...

    Do Unitarians or Mormons count as having "hearts that are transformed by Christ"?

  2. It is certainly possible that core problem is Islam not being amenable to liberal democracy. I would also point out that Japan and India were victims of Western cultural remodeling.