Monday, August 30, 2021

Taliban Using Blackhawks for Hanging

Video here.  Would throwing a grenade in each helicopter been that hard?  REASON says that is not what it is.

The good news: an army this incompetent will not be hard for ten million even average intelligence militiamen to defeat.  If they were ordered to leave these weapons for the Taliban they are probably too stupid to think of anything but following orders from Slow Joe and the oh so elite Ivy Leaguers who have made themselves look ridiculous even to the journalists. 


  1. So much for the claim that any thing more complicated than a Kalashnikov is beyond these Goat-herders (And I don't mean herders).
    We seem to think that evil people are also stupid.

  2. Late news is those shots of the man 'hanging' from a Blackhawk is actually a Taliban fighter attempting to plant a flag on a building. IOW, "Fake News"